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FSharp -Top tweets (10/09/2013)

(12) Posted: first steps with support vector machine in #fsharp.
(7) If you missed @visemet presenting the #mongodb provider for #fsharp, recording is online via @c4fsharp:…
(6) Stanford Word Segmenter is available on NuGet for #Fsharp and #Csharp #nlp #dotNet @stanfordnlp
(5) Forward pipe from #fsharp and #ocaml in #scala
(5) Playing with an upcoming open-source #fsharp #dataframe library and Titanic data set :-) cc @brandewinder @ptrelford
(4) A few spots available for Machine Learning Hands On with @moloneymb tomorrow at #skillsmatter #fsharp
(2) Looking for tutorials around the line of Learn F# by building ... #fsharp
(2) F# Weekly #36 2013 #fsharp
(0) @kot_2010 @tomaspetricek You are right. Macro implementation of the #fsharp computation expressions on #nemerle:
(0) First steps with ML library... Support Vector Machines in F# #fsharp #machinelearning


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FSharp (5th Sept 2013)
when I search for F# tweets , there are so many duplicate tweets and people are having conversation with F# hashtag. I'm not really interested in conversation , but want to check what cool stuff has been shared about F#. so wrote a simple script which searches twitter for F# hashtag, removes duplicate tweets and tweets having conversation. Here is the result-

New F# Cheatsheet in PDF and HTML format using FSharp.Formatting tool #fsharp F# Snippet: Missile Command playable in #fsharp Building a game in a day with #fsharp & #monogame slides & code samples: #fsharp #mongodb provider meetup w/ @visemet starting in 15 minutes or so - you can join us online here. Awesome custom #fsharp query support for #mongodb by @visemet! #fsharp #mongodb provider meetup w/ @visemet starting in 15 minutes or so - you can join us online …

The view or its master was not found or no view engine supports the searched locations!!!

On an MVC application, if you are getting error " The view or its master was not found or no view engine supports the searched locations" and you see that this view (.cshtml file)is already present under the correct folder structure and every thing is correct and you have also tried a lot of posts on SO on how to fix that and that hasn't helped,  just check the build action for this file and make sure that it is set to "content". I have seen the build action set to None (by mistake)and after you deploy/publish  the application, that view would be missing  and you get this error .

Know where to patch!!!

Have you tried to patch a function call in your unit test and wondering why the hell patching is not working, value I'm returning from the patched function is not the value being used in the function call. Well, may be you are not patching at the right place.

I saw this problem at work. I'll try to explain with a simple example.

you have a module module_a which has a function greet. There is another module module_b which uses this function from module_a in another function - sayHi. When we write test case for module_b's sayHi, we want to patch function call to module_a's greet method.
defgreet(): """ returns sum of two numbers""" return'hello world'
from module_a import greet
classmyClass(): defsayHi(self): return greet()
if__name__=='__main__': res = myClass().sayHi() print(res)
import unittest from unittest.mock import patch from module_b import myClass classmocktest(unittest.TestCase): deftest1(se…